Studio Visit

Studio Visit – The Lounge Underground

One of the biggest indicators of New York’s transition from summer to fall is not a change in weather but the reawakening of the art world. By the first week of September the excitement reaches […]

Sep, 12

Studio Visit – Maria Sainz Rueda

by Jonathan Beer   Leipzig has an extremely strong history in the visual arts and continues to produce exceptional artists with each subsequent generation. The tradition of formal and expressionistic painting effectively molded past generations […]

Aug, 30

Artist Interview – Jochen Plogsties

Art-Rated’s Jonathan Beer interviewed Leipzig-based painter Jochen Plogsties in his studio. Art-Rated:Could you describe your background a little – what got you into the arts, and in particular painting? Jochen Plogsties: I was painting when […]

Aug, 08

Artist Interview: Edgar Leciejewski

Art-Rated’s Jonathan Beer visited the studio of Leipzig artist Edgar Leciejewski and this conversation is taken from an in person interview on July 16 at the Spinnerei.  Art-Rated: How did you find photography and art […]

Jul, 25

Divided Space, Connected Souls – Tat Ito

by Lily Koto Olive New York based artist Tat Ito explores themes of human interconnectedness by juxtaposing elements and iconography that stem from his native Japanese culture set against a Western viewpoint. Sprawling environments echo […]

Mar, 09

Artist Interview: Trudy Benson

Interview and Studio Visit / January, 2012 Conversation with Jonathan Beer, Trudy Benson and Lily Koto Olive Jonathan Beer: Your work seems to hang in the balance between abstraction and illusion – it’s full of emblematic fragments, […]

Feb, 26

Conversing with the Unnamed: Ali Banisadr

by Jonathan Beer Since Expressionism artists have used painting to confront the interior world, wrestling to create with what German artist Willi Baumeister called “the self-engendered vision.”  Like a prospector, an artist searches through layers […]

Jan, 18


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