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View of the studios

One of the biggest indicators of New York’s transition from summer to fall is not a change in weather but the reawakening of the art world. By the first week of September the excitement reaches fever pitch and within a few days the built up anticipation from the summer months is released  as the first week of openings begins. It is not just the galleries and in Chelsea and Lower East Side that open their doors, a host of more intimate events occur with the artists themselves, many participate in weekend long studio visit events. Brooklyn Museums GO is one such event – all artists across Brooklyn opened their studios to foster an exchange between other artists, the public and the Brooklyn Museum. Art-Rated had the chance to visit the studio warming of “The Lounge Underground,” an artist collective located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The collective is made up of 18 artists, the majority of which are recent graduates from the New York Academy of Art. Jeff Gipe and Amber Hany, 2009 alums of the school, have worked over the past year to organize and renovate the space. Their efforts and attitude build upon the importance of maintaining a community as emerging artists out in the world.

Check out work by: Cori Beardsley, Lisa Benson, Colleen Blackard, Ramona Bradley, Rami Baglio, Miguel Carter-Fisher, Jeff Gipe, Angela Gram, Amber Hany, Jacob Hicks, Nicolas Holiber, John Jameson, Adam LaMothe, Lily Koto Olive, Kyle Phillips, Holly Ann Sailors, Buket Savci, Hannah Wertheim

Cori Beardsley (center sculpture) –


Lisa Benson –

Rami Baglio –

Miguel Carter-Fisher –

Amber Hany –

Jacob Hicks –

Nic Holiber (wax sculptures on either side) –

Adam LaMothe –

Lily Koto Olive –

Kyle Phillips –

Holly Ann Sailors –

Buket Savci –

Hannah Wertheim


Jonathan Beer is a New York-based artist and writer. He began to write critically in 2010 while attending the New York Academy of Art for his MFA in Painting. His paintings have been exhibited at Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts, Flowers Gallery, Boltax Gallery and Sotheby’s in New York. Jon is also a contributing writer for The Brooklyn Rail, ArtWrit and for Art Observed.


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